About L.I.V.E. Drug & Alcohol Free

We started based on working with minors in the public school system and saw an overwhelming need to educate the youth about alcohol and decision making. Over time, we have expanded our educational programs to increase awareness among parents, peers, adults  and the community. Our agency’s mission is to help others L.I.V.E. We offer quality educational experiences for participants who have a desire to increase alcohol/drug awareness, preempt a problem, or address non-compliance.

All of our teaching staff possess at least a Master’s degree in counseling or social service, and are encouraged and supported in the pursuit of continuing education. In addition to being well versed in the subject presented, facilitators must demonstrate several years of relevant experience in dealing with offenders in group settings before joining L.I.V.E. This sort of background enables our group leaders to recognize and respond appropriately to the variety of emotions and issues that invariably arise, and to overcome the range of psychological barriers present in a group where attendance is mandatory.

Participants are usually referred via court personnel. During most of our existence, the majority of courts in and around the DFW metroplex have steadily referred to one or more of our programs. Participants may attend under a variety of circumstances, such as probation requirements, pre-trial diversion, license restoration, plea agreements, employment requirements, etc. They are able to register by selecting from the scheduled list of classes offered each month.

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