Our courses are affordable, convenient, and sufficient for minors or adults to fulfill an attorney/court-ordered and state-approved requirement. Each course is highly educational and covers a variety of information.

About the Alcohol Awareness Class

This course is a total of 6 hours taught in 2 days and topics include:

  • Alcohol Abuse in minors & Recognize the Signs
  • Why Do Teens Use Drugs?
  • What Underage Alcohol Abuse Costs Society
  • Health Risks of High Risk Drinking in Young People
  • Understanding and Controlling Stress & Emotions
  • The Importance of Healthy Relationships
  • Strategies for Emotion Control and Preventing Recidivism

About the Drug Offender Education Class

This course is a total of 15 hours taught in 5 days and topics include:

  • Differences between illegal and legal drugs
  • What drug abuse costs society
  • Abuse of specific drugs including alcohol, marijuana, meth and prescription drugs
  • Health effects of alcohol and other drugs including aids and HIV
  • Differences between drug use, drug abuse and drug addiction
  • Preventing a future relapse
  • How communication and relationships are critical steps in recovery and prevention
  • Combinations of drugs

Completion Certificate

Once you complete a course we will give you your completion certificate. This certificate will state which course you completed along with the course dates, program, court and participant details. The certificate will only be given to students who have completed the full 2-day Alcohol Awareness Class or 5-day Drug Offender Education Class and Exit Interview.

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